Improving healthcare, one data point at a time
PatientsLikeMe has created a unique online platform that allows members to track their health conditions over time, and to connect to a community of patients that share the same condition. The more data that's shared, the more powerful the database becomes, benefitting users and researchers working to advance medicine and healthcare.
The Data for Good campaign was created to encourage more frequent data sharing, with an emphasis on how that data can help others. The logo needed to work well the PatientsLikeMe's existing logo, color palette and typography.
Sketches and type exercises explored the numeral "4" to replace the word "for", connected circles to suggest "data", and "goodness" – which included cheerful colors, handwriting and hearts.
As potential logo ideas emerged, I comp'd them up in various use cases to show how they'd work within the existing brand framework. I knew we'd be producing data "snapshots" for promotion on social media, so I began mocking those up. E-mailed newsletters would also feature Data for Good content. 
Mocking up ideas into the PatientsLikeMe newsletter framework helped to test logo concepts within the existing brand ecosystem.
After much experimentation and discussion, we agreed that the heart concept resonated most strongly across the team. 
Deconstructing the heart shape into overlapping, uniform shapes, incorporating some connecting dots and incorporating color transparency led to the final solution.
The Data for Good logo was animated by Istrico Productions to appeared in a series of compelling videos from PatientsLikeMe. Click below to watch.
Web banners, social media components, and t-shirts carry the Data for Good message, encouraging members to return to the site for more frequent updates.
The Data for Good campaign has helped contribute to the 31 million data points that helps PatientsLikeMe and its members make a positive difference in healthcare.
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